Book Launch - Developments in French Politics

Date: 3 Mar 2021 5 pm - 7 pm (GMT+08:00) Hong Kong

  on ZOOM
Wednesday, March 3st, 5 pm
Free Admission

Developments in French Politics Six offers the reader thirteen chapters that aim to understand the transformation and resistance in contemporary France.

They compare President Macron with his immediate predecessor, François Hollande, to explore the limits of presidential authority. They bring readers up to date with the apparent collapse of traditional political parties and with the struggle of the French Republic to adapt to present day norms and trends.
The book eliberately peers into thorny questions of religion, racial prejudice, radicalisation and sexual politics, with some surprising findings.
Economic and international constraints on national sovereignty are exposed.
The book’s authors each make original contributions drawn on new data and new thinking, and the editorial team brings together renowned experts in the matter of contemporary France.



Professor Alistair Cole
Professor in Political Sciences, Head of the Department of Government and International Studies Co-Editor of Developments in French Politics 6

Professor Helen Drake
Chair of French and European Studies Director of the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance Loughborough University London Co-Editor of Developments in French Politics 6

Dr. Emilie Tran
Assistant Professor Programme Director European Studies Author of Chapter 11, "The Yellow Vests Movement: Causes, Consequences and Significance.”

Dr. C. Roland Vogt Head,
School of Modern Languages and Cultures Associate Professor The University of Hong Kong

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