HKWALLS 2024 : EU street art meets HK

 Central and Western District / 22/F, Soho House
23 to 31 March 2024
10h - 18h (SAT - SUN, Live Mural Painting)

Festival Opening Party 
22/F, Soho House

Friday, 22 March
 On invitation

Public Guided Tours
Around Central Western District

Saturday, 30 March / Sunday, 31 March 
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HKWALLS Artist workshops
22/F, Soho House

Saturday, 23 March / Sunday, 24 March /  Sunday, 31 March (2 workshops)


Closing Party
22/F, Soho House

 Sunday, 31 March
 On invitation

22/F, Soho House

 Tuesday, 26 March
 17h30 - 19h30
   Free - RSVP Free - RSVP

EUNIC Public Tour
Around Central Western District

 Tuesday, 29 March / Friday, 12 April
  RSVP: EventBrite  
Free - RSVP Free - RSVP

HKWALLS Street Art Festival will be returning for its 9th edition, welcoming international (from France, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Italy) and local artists to paint large murals all across the vibrant streets of Hong Kong.

On March 23rd to 31st, immerse yourself in creativity and join the 9th edition of the HKWALLS festival, as artists from Hong Kong and around the world create art in the streets of our amazing city. From murals, site specific interventions and digital screen takeovers to workshops, parties and an exhibition, HKWALLS has something for everyone. Visit and follow @hkwalls on Instagram for the latest updates.

HKWALLS is a non-profit arts organization that aims to create opportunities for local and international artists to showcase their talent in Hong Kong and internationally through the mediums of street art and street culture. We celebrate creativity, originality and freedom of expression; actively work on connecting and building relationships with artists, the community and organizations worldwide through high-quality public art, while making the creative process accessible to all. HKWALLS holds an annual street art festival in Hong Kong during Hong Kong’s art month each March, as well as year-round programming focusing on artists’ career development, promoting the artform, and raising awareness through the arts.

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MICHAL ŠKAPA (1978) is a visual artist from the collective associated with Prague’s Trafo Gallery and MeetFactory, who has been preoccupied with urban structures for much of his career. Over time his interest in this topic, sparked at the beginning of the 90ies by his involvement in graffiti, grew into a broader range of artistic expression and contexts. This was greatly influenced by stays in the United States (2000) and Sao Paulo, Brazil (2005). He has been able to gradually transform his visual inspiration, based predominantly on rigorous mapping of authentic subcultures, into a unique language which has become typical of his art to the present day.

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Alice Pasquini (Roma 1980), is a multimedia artist from Rome whose work spans urban surfaces, galleries, and museums across more than one hundred cities worldwide. Constantly on the move, Alice's preferred canvas is the city wall, where she seamlessly blends street art with painting, illustration, and set design. Her artistic exploration encompasses themes of feminine vitality and the three-dimensional possibilities of her medium, transitioning effortlessly between urban explorations and installations utilizing found materials.
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Aches is a Dublin based Irish artist, specialising in large scale murals  and Graffiti. He started drawing and painting at a young age and began to paint graffiti when he was 15 years old. After graduating from the National College of Art  and Design (Dublin) with a degree in Visual Communications, Aches began to fuse his  knowledge of Graphic Design and Graffiti. 

Aches has been invited to design and create original artwork for projects around the  world, in countries such as Australia, America, Denmark, Hungary, South Africa, Spain,  Sweden, Scotland, Switzerland, New Zealand, France, Germany and England. 

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Jaune is a stencil artist and urban interventionist from Brussels, Belgium. His work is based on the paradox between the visible and the invisible, with sanitation workers the main protagonists in his humorous installations and paintings – an idea that was born from his own experience working in the profession.

Despite performing an important public service in garish fluorescent clothing, Jaune observed that he and his colleagues existed in the background of our urban environment, becoming almost invisible to the average person. It was in 2011 that he decided to free these characters from their roles by symbolically placing them in ever more absurd and whimsical scenarios in and around the city streets.

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HERA (Jasmin Siddiqui, *1981) is a Frankfurt-born German-Pakistani painter with artistic roots in the graffiti and street art genre. She has been traveling the world since 2001 painting large-scale murals, solo or as part of the duo HERAKUT. The biggest outdoor pieces are being located in Sao Paolo, Miami, Moscow, Reykjavik, Melbourne, Berlin, Kampala and Washington DC. Besides the mural work, her artwork has been displayed in museum exhibitions such as the Rogaland Kunstmuseum in Stavanger, Norway, in 2007, the Pera Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, 2015, the Urban Nations Museum in Berlin in 2018, and the STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam in 2022.

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